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Our Community is Stronger When Our Humanity Shines

For the Family

We know that people in tough situations can benefit from someone who’s been there themselves.

We are convinced that the Golden Rule is alive and well, and that we still remember the importance of being our brother's keeper.

We believe in the kindness of people from across America who volunteer to share their wisdom in troubled times, or provide shelter to hurricane evacuees they’ve already met.

For the FamilyWe invite you to explore why participating in the Family Referral Network or Shelter Is Golden is an ideal way to make a positive difference.

We also appreciate your support in other ways.  Please visit   Partnerships>How You Can Help  to learn more.

Thank you for caring

Human nature really defines our natural talent for helping others (it's not a lame excuse for being unkind).

For The Family has effectively applied this talent since 1998

Our web site is also a hub for others with a purpose that extends far beyond Florida.  Links & Resources shows how we’re all in this together.